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IanB 11-04-2003 08:29 AM

First flight 35% Carden Edge
What a fantastic aircraft

DA100 on regular mufflers
Multiplex radio and servos
Hitech 5925 servos on elevator
SM services opto isolator
Air Models 25x12 3 blader turning 6400 on new motor with 40:1 lawnboy

Balanced at the middle of the cg range by moving the batteries

1 click of right aileron, 2 clicks of up.........(this is almost nothing as i have the trim set to a VERY small percentage of travel in the Tx)

Vertical on a totally new engine is amazing........I honestly think a lot of the guys out there are overpropping........WAY better than my last edge weighing 24lbs with a different engine!

Inverted needs a very slight push......I will experiment with the c of g a little

Pulls a hair to the canopy on power off downlines so slight that I may not even mix it out!


It doesnt wander it sits on a line better than anything else Ive flown apart from MAYBE a 2m pattern plane.

The plane harriers with almost zero wingrock.......I didnt even correct it I just watched it slowly descend..............TOOK weeks of learning to battle the wingrock with my old Edge.

The DA100 and the Carden 35% edge are a FANTASTIC combo.............i dont even know what the plane weighs........i would guess around 27 lbs (and frankly I dont CARE)..........built TOTALLY stock with ONE receiver and ONE rudder servo. I actually think the extra weight helps with snaps because this thing snaps so well, again WAY better than the lighter plane.

VERY happy man...IanB

CAPtain232 11-04-2003 08:38 AM

RE: First flight 35% Carden Edge
Sounds like another GREAT CARDEN AIRCRAFT!!! I have built several of these and they all seem to end up being excellent flyers.

Are you flying south of town there at the club field? When there are no crops in, that is a nice big field. Just watch out for dead stick at the NORTH end, you don't want to be too low :D

CAPtain232 11-04-2003 08:41 AM

RE: First flight 35% Carden Edge
BTW, if you ever build another one, put a hatch in the tail end of it......very handy

IanB 11-04-2003 08:58 AM

RE: First flight 35% Carden Edge
Hey there I fly at that field !!
Where are you at? Do you ever fly here?
Man I had a blast building the carden and it really does fly great...........I have a 35% extra on the board right now.........will have it ready for next season.....here is a pic what do you think??[img][/img]

IanB 11-04-2003 09:10 AM

RE: First flight 35% Carden Edge
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