Hello. Recently purchased a Duratrax Evader brushless truck. I bought this shortly after my son got his brushless Rustler. These things have come along way. Last car I hadwas Ultima & last truck was Mudblaster. The issue I have with the Evader is the spur gear driven by the pinion gear. Stock right out of the box I ran truck for about 15 minutes just messing around. Truck has 2S 4000 7.4v lipo battery as well. Adjusted clutch via instructions. Terrain is asphalt, dirt, grass, & loose rocks. The spur gear started making a high pitched whirr noise. Removed clear plastic slipper clutch cover todiscover the teeth on spurgear have flatspots all around. One section is worse than most.Replacement spur gear is included with instructions. No blue clutch pads came with it. Why include gear & no replacement pads? Can you remove blue pads from old gear & re-install? Is there an upgrade or upgrade parts available for this set-up on the Evader? Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks.