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Tbatt 09-12-2012 04:28 AM

November RCRC race Cancelled
Due to circumstances, the race date for November is now open to any Alabama club to pick up. NARCA may be able to take over that race but Ernie and I have a heavy work load during that time frame. If Alabaster, Tuscaloosa or B'ham would like that race date, please contact Tim Batt. This has been our season ending race and chili cook off which has been a blast.

We will also be looking for a new fuel source for next year. Maybe all of the clubs can go in together and do a group purchase.


twitte1 09-12-2012 06:54 AM

RE: November RCRC race Cancelled

You should contact Randy Ritch of Ritches Brew for the fuel. He has been a GREAT supporter of pylon racing.


gefisher 09-12-2012 09:31 AM

RE: November RCRC race Cancelled
I agree with Trey, Randy Ritch (Ritches Brew) in Houston will go out of his way to help the Club 40 guys out! I just talked to Randy Tuesday he is bringing me some fuel to Bomber Field Saturday for the gathering of the B-17 and Scale RC event Sep. 14,15 & 16 Ritches Brew is what we use at almost all of the Club 40 in the Texas area.

PS I have Randy's phone # if you would want to send me an email


Tbatt 09-12-2012 10:09 AM

RE: November RCRC race Cancelled
Thanks for the info guys!

I did talk to Randy before the Tuscaloosa race and he offered to help us out. I managed to get fuel from our old supplier (don't ask how) to get us through the rest of the year. Several people were VERY angry about what and how we were cut off and came to our rescue.

When we have our fall C40 meeting we will be discussing the fuel issue. Rich's Brew willl be at the top of our list. Shipping may be an issue though.

codbucket 10-03-2012 03:56 PM

RE: November RCRC race Cancelled
Tim, Birmingham RC will be running a Club 40 pylon race on November 3rd. There will also be a chili cook off, and a Conecuh sausage burn as well. We plan to award 12 places, in A, B, and C mains. There will be a raffle with a new in the box Sky Raider ARF, and other nice prizes. B'ham RC will provide fuel for the race. We hope that by this Nov 3 date, that anyone who runs in the Texas race will have a couple of weeks to rest up, and be ready to race in Morris Alabama. Please help us get the word spread around, so any and all who want to can come out and race in this best, and final race of 2012. If you don't mind, please ask Mrs Grimm if she would run the pit boss position for us for this race. I don't have their contact info. Looking forward to seeing all of you guys in Morris on Nov 3!!! Many thanks! Tom Calamusa codbucket@aol.com

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