I recently picked up a used Real Flight 3G flight sim that came with the 3D heli upgrade. The RF program works fine but the upgrade will not install. After a little research I've found that several others have had problems with compatibility with the 64 bit system, I've tried differnt settings like using the XP but to no avail, is there any way to get this upgrade to work with windows 7.

Another problem I'm seeing is in actual flying. After getting off the ground the heli drifts left and takes constant stick movement to stay in one spot no matter how much you adjust trim. Also after moving in any direction the blades stay in the position after moving the stick back to center, this makes control nearly impossible. After the little bit I've operated my 450 I know the swash plate returns to neutral after stick release. I realize flying a collective pitch heli is difficult but this is dang near impossible. If there's any one familiar with this sim I would greatly appreciate any pointers or advice.