Hey Folks,
if this has been covered before please direct me so I don't waste peoples time.

So I have a wing which is a glider/slope soarer and I want to strap my fpv gear to it and a motor.

I have no idea how to choose a motor, prop esc and battery due to the dimentions and weight. as is with nothing on it its 750g 123cm wing span and about 30cm front to back.

Is there just a kit I can buy from somewhere? and how do I mount the motor and prop?

Also what happens to the prop when I land, do I always have to catch it?

Its obviously clear I have absolutely no idea what Im doing. I have had the wing sitting there for ages and it seems like a good idea? and a change from my f450
which is great but have never had a powered Plane

would I be best just buying a capriana? and save the head ache.

I would really appreciate any help,