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FF rubber powered forum and trim help


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Default FF rubber powered forum and trim help

As this is as far from RC as you can get, Clubhouse sounds like the right place. As a youngster I built quite a few Guillows planes, none of them every flew very well. They did blow up quite well when we added the ultimate option of firecrackers!!!

However, 40 years on I now take it as a challenge to build and fly one that actually flies. Along the way, I bought a Revell Sky Soarer; this has four solid balsa parts (wing, body, vert and horiz stabs), and rubber motor. If you really drag the build out, it can take you 3 minutes to finish this one... Anyway, it rolls to the left.

Anyone know how to trim one of these? I am thinking it could be balance. The vert stab doesn't look bent.

Anyone know of a FF rubber powered forum? I did some searching online first but didn't find one.

- My first stick built model on this campaign will be a Guillows Arrow, for the Guillows 2014 challenge;
- Followed by a Guillows Flyboy, bought cheap ($9) off of Amazon
- Followed by a laser cut Guillows Beaver. Because I like Beavers!

Then I think I'll try a Pecks Polymer, anything from them really
Then maybe a Dumas Mr. Mulligan. Because next to a Beaver, I like the Mr. Mulligan a lot.

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When I was young I to use to build stick and tissue models and most were Guillows. As I got older and more experienced I realized the Guillows planes that I grew up on that I thought were so great were just plain to heavy to fly correctly! I figured it out when one day I stumbles upon a Herr Engineering Piper Tri Pacer dirt cheep at a RC swap meet. Let me tell you that plane flew way higher and longer that anything Guillows I ever had because the lighter colored wood was lighter (not the rock hard gray stuff I was use to) and the parts fit and instructions were better. When my son was about 10 I bought him a Peck Polymers Prairie Bird kit and that thing would absolutely fly out of sight if not careful, we had a blast with it and the RC folks at the field were amazed it flew that well. We then moved on to a Peck Polymers One Night 28" and there was not a corn field in the knob land of central KY that could properly contain that bird, hung it in a tree several times. Well I'm starting to ramble a bit so I'll try to help you with your question... is a forum I use to visit quite often but I have not been in there in a few years, they are friendly, knowledgable folks than can help you. Good to see stick and tissue is still alive, if I can I will dig up some of my old planes and post a picture since I can't stand to throw them away. It was funny you mentioned fire crackers because I did the same thing, I would occasionaly light one on fire but the preferred method of disposal was a Black Cat. Ha Ha!
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