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National Air & Space Museum Archives

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Default National Air & Space Museum Archives

Just discovered that the National Air and Space Museum has original drawings of the Waco biplanes. I'm interested in the YMF and there appears to be many drawings in their archives. Has anyone ordered any of these drawings from NASM?

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Hi Kevin,
I have not ordered Waco drawings, but I have ordered microfilm for the Vough F4U Corsair. I ordered 18 rolls of microfilm, and it took a couple of months for them to fill the order. What I found is that every drawing has distortions. The original blueprints were of course on paper, and were already old and somewhat deteriated. These were stacked, then photographed, then put on microfilm, then reproduced at least once before I got a copy. As a result, the X and Y scales are not the same, most straight lines are now wavey, contrast can be so bad as to make some drawings completely unreadable, lenghts can be stretched and compressed in areas, and there can be other distortions too. Still, you may be able to get drawings that can be very helpful, and if you are really interested in accurate drawings, I doubt that better can be found. The best drawings will have dimensions on them so you can re-create them accurately in CAD. Also note that you have to sign a use agreement that prevents you from copying and/or redistribution, or for commercial use.

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There is a 692 page thread on the WACO, here: WACO YMF

I'm sure that these guys will get you headed in the right direction.
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