I am not sure if this is the proper place to post this, but I had to let fellow modeler's know of my recent unaffiliated experiences.

First one; I was viewing the "Aero-Model Inc." website looking for a specific ESC.
There were items with "discounts" listed, but the one that caught my eye was a $189 ESC marked down $189

I emailed a copy of the web page to sales at "Aero-Model" primarily to to bring the obvious error to their attention.
I received an email back stating that they really couldn't give their products away, but they could offer a discount.
I emailed back the info about the items that I was interested in and they responded with a generous price adjustment.

Then, this past weekend, I visited the "SharpRC" website and ordered a couple of their arming plug/socket kits.
Monday I received a telephone call from SharpRC informing me that they were updating their website at the time I placed my order.
They had the billing and shipping info. but not the order info! I was informed that the website was now up and running,
and because of the inconvenience caused me, they would include an extra arming plug.
I received my order today (2-days later) they not only included the extra arming plug, but updated the mailing to priority first class at no charge to me! Again!

We quite often read comments (usually deserved) about problems with vendor's and/or products.

I thought it appropriate to share my good experiences with not one but two vendors within a one-week period.

Kudo's to both Aero-Model and SharpRC for their interest and follow through in customer satisfaction!