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Renewing Drone Registration

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Originally Posted by AllModesR/C View Post
Kneejerk reaction with a slew of new laws like what the gov usually does when something happens. All responsible modelers already had AMA insurance to cover the possible damage a plane can do to a house or what have you. It's actually a requirement to fly at most, if not all, club fields. As already mentioned this FAA involvement only occurred after these quad things hit the market. Any drone pilot who is intent on flying over stadiums or near full-scale aircraft simply won't put the silly reg number on the aircraft. This requirement accomplishes nothing but makes us jump through burdensome hoops for nothing.
Exactly. It is no different than gun control laws. We have hundreds of gun control laws that keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn't have them. Problem is, a criminal will get a gun regardless of the laws, IE they ignore them. This will be no different. They see a toy on the shelf and have the bright idea, Hey it has a camera, I can fly over people and video record events! FAA regs be damned. How many drones have information regarding AMA let alone FAA? Bet they are tossed out with the rest of the packaging if they have some.

Like Gun Control, these FAA rules and regs only impact those who already fly in controlled and safe manners.

There was a thread on an RV forum where a member got some photos with his drone. He was saying how it prevents him from flying if near a controlled airport, and that he flies it under 400', etc. I gave him praise and said that too many people disregard the safety rules for these and how it impacted our hobby and he got all pissy. I let him know in a not so nice manner that I posted to let those who read his thread that there are rules and if not followed the dangers it present as information to others who might take it upon themselves to get one to take pictures and videos. I also told him I gave him praise and would be glad to take it back.
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They can XXXXX on my hotchie..... not gonna do it. Most likely never! I'm under 3.5 lbs for over four years and I don't fly when it's not safe. Over 30 years total and I dented my own truck once. I'm just not gonna participate in more big brother control freak "WHAT IF" legislation as long as I can hold out. Guess sooner or later "they" are going to "get" me. I'm a bad person.... Rebel without a clue.... The local deputy that patrols my area thinks my planes are cool!

Can guarantee; they will just waste the revenue and give themselves raises and retirements.
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