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Celebration of Flight - March 15 & 16 - Free Entry.


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Default Celebration of Flight - March 15 & 16 - Free Entry.

To Celebrate the first petrol powered flight recorded on 31st March 1903.

A final reminder to all who wish to attend what will be a very big RC Fly
in, preparations for which have been under way for a long time.

Two categories:
* Early Pioneer Aircraft to ........
* Significant Aircraft ..................
Refer to the club website and refer to coming events:
Also refer to the Miniature Aircraft Association Site (MANZ) for full contact
details and pictures.

[Large Static Scale Models:
For Haseqawa Museum scale kitsets of the Wright Flyer and Fokker DR1
refer to :
use search engine "type of product" = 1/16 or 1/8 and use drop down menu to
select "Hasegawa" and enter.]

Richard Pearse

Richard Pearse: "Mad Pearse", "Bamboo Dick", self-taught inventor, prophetic
designer, trail blazing aviator and eccentric visionary. a reclusive
New Zealand farmer Richard Pearse climbed into a self-built monoplane and
flew for about 140 metres before crashing into a gorse hedge on his Waitohi
property . but it came eight months before the Wright Brothers entered
the record books at Kitty Hawk North Carolina on 17th December 1903.

refer to the full storey at =

and further reports on Pearse at = includes pictures of his
home made open crankcase engine
see also:


The Smithsonian Conspiracy: The Wright Brothers & the 'Smithsonian
Conspiracy' - in dispute with the Smithsonian over many years the Wrights
only agreed to allow their Wright Flyer to be displayed there on condition
that they were publicly acknowledged to be the very first to fly a heavier
than air machine; this arrangement has since been known as the 'Smithsonian

Other Early Aviation Pioneers:
Preston Watson - the first "Flying Scot" who is thought to have made short
flights over the fields near Errol on the river Tay in the years 1903-4.
Gustave Whitehead who in some quarters is thought to have 'flown' on August
14, 1901, near Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA. Subsequent research indicates
that this was highly unlikely.

Inventors World Magazine "When I ask people "Who invented the aeroplane?"
they usually say "The Wright Brothers." In fact the world's first powered
flight took place not in America in 1903, but at Chard in Somerset 55 years
earlier, and the man who made it happen was John Stringfellow."

See you all at Clevedon where experience has proven that the ladies are the
equal (dare I suggest better) of the men in the BBQ cooking department. They
have always provided fine fare and plenty of it.

Alan T.

PS: See current newsletters - good reading - available for download
North Shore Model Aero Club
Papakura Manukau Aeromodellers Club inc.
Roskill Modellers' Club Inc.
Miniature Aircraft New Zealand (combining events and pics only)
Auckland Soar:

Alan's Hobby Web Links
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