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Servo lead Crimping

Old 08-05-2010, 01:08 AM
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Default Servo lead Crimping

Has anyone sucessfully crimped 22g. silicon wire using Air Wild Hobbies crimping tool and lugs and sockets purchased from them. It appears the silicon wire insulation and the twisted ,stripped wire are too large for the pins and sockets for a satisfactory,and successful crimp to be made.
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Default RE: Servo lead Crimping

I use a pair of heavy duty needle nose pliers and crimp each tang separately. I use 22 or sometimes 20 gauge Teflon insulated wire and sometimes the insulation is a bit tight going into the connector.

I use locking plugs and sockets for wires that have to be disconnected to take the plane apart. They're available through DigiKey online.

WM2901-ND male
WM2534-ND female
WM2572-ND Male pin
WM2576-ND Female pin

I know I'll get some flak on this but I also put a tiny amount of solder on each wire to pin joint, not enough to stiffen the wire and cause a stress point, but it seems to help.
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