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mongo 10-07-2019 10:58 AM

FaA things not going well
from silent's post on rcg

Eric Williams posted this today:
Here's the news...

In recent weeks negotiations for various Letters of Agreement (LOAs) for AMA clubs in controlled airspace, as required by new federal legislation, are not going as well as expected.

It appears that the Air Traffic Organization (ATO) within the FAA will be arbitrarily setting 400 feet as the maximum altitude allowed at all sites within controlled airspace. The FAA also appears to be ready to set certain unilateral and unrealistic limits in Class G, uncontrolled airspace. These actions do not meet previous assurances given to AMA. Many AMA members who fly aerobatic, soaring, sailplanes, jets, IMAC, pattern, and other classes that require higher altitudes to operate will be significantly affected if not grounded. A 400 foot limit will also adversely affect training activities at many local club fields.

A call to action email to all AMA members is scheduled to be issued tomorrow, Monday, October 7, 2019. It is critical that everyone respond and contact their representatives in Congress to express dissatisfaction with the FAA's intentions. The call to action email message will include call to action instructions.

AMA members, friends, family, and anyone else may contact their representatives to voice their objections to the expected limits. Please encourage all your contacts to take action!

Best regards,

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