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ifixairplanes 02-18-2004 06:55 PM

The Great Waldo Pepper
anyone ever see this movie? If not you should, it's an oldie but in color. its all about the good 'ol barnstorming days...pre-FAA. I love this movie, havent seen it in a while, but i think i may have to buy it. I want to model a plane after Waldo's plane, anyone know what kind of acft it is?
Really, if you havent seen this movie then you should see it. I bet it is one of the best barnstorming movies out. anyone know of any other good barnstorming flicks?


ZAGNUT 02-18-2004 09:14 PM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
never seen it but i'm searching eMule. right now my fav is an edited (flight scenes only) version of the blue max. just read somewhere that hannibal did his own flying in the film. also found a site that has the flight notes for the planes used


SkyDude 02-18-2004 09:30 PM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
Great flick. I think Pepper's barnstormer is a Jenny. The final dogfight is with a Fokker tri-plane and Sopwith Camel, I think. Pretty exciting flight scenes.

Saddest part is the outside loop attempt and the result. The wing walker was also sad. I was a kid when it came out and I watched it over and over again.

AJF--2 02-18-2004 09:41 PM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
One of my favorite. I think the plane is an SAE-5. My favorite is Art Schole flying the Jungmister (with the modified cowl) and buzzing the callers stand inverted. Got to go watch it again!

ifixairplanes 02-18-2004 10:14 PM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
I rented that about 4 years ago. I watched it about 5 times before we returned it! I think i am going to go buy it tomorrow. I havent seen it in a while and just was thinking about it today, so i posted something.
AJF--- Yeah my favorite is the airshow part! I love that Bipe! I hate it when Waldo's friend crashes the mono plane and the spectator lights the man up!
i am defineatley going to do an online search now for the DVD!!!!


Edit: I love the freakin internet! 2 seconds, i found it! [link=http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/tgwaldopepper.php]The Great Waldo Pepper[/link] Also has an outline and review of the movie for those who are interested!

hookedonrc 02-19-2004 07:49 AM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
One movie not mentioned that I always enjoy is "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines." There is a lot of great flying shots as well as some terrific looking planes. It is a comedy and is fun to watch as well. If you can find it I would recommend it.

scottrc 02-19-2004 11:09 AM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
I remember seeing in some RC mag a Jenny done up in the Waldo Pepper scheme. I think it was Model Aviation.

P-51B 02-19-2004 12:42 PM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
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I always did like LOLA from that movie...

Rocketeer10 02-19-2004 12:56 PM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
I think that the plane that the girl fell off of while they were barnstorming down the street was a Standard J-1, not a Curtiss Jenny.

Charlie P. 02-19-2004 03:13 PM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
Read Ernst Udet's "Ace of the Iron Cross" The character Kessler (Kesselring?) is more than loosly based on him. His red & white Dr I and DVII had "LOLO" (his girlfriend at the time) painted on the side. (Though Waldo is a conglomeration of many pilots & much fiction).

As for an oldie? Bite me. That movie came out when I was a senior in high school. I have the soundtrack on one of them antique Vinyl platters that cave-men used. (A GREAT soundtrack for PA systems at flying events, by the way).

scottrc 02-19-2004 04:12 PM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
Hey Charlie, we even had COLOR back in the 70's.

Don't feel too bad, at another forum, a kid coined "Top Gun" an oldie. Made me feel "dated".:)

pete913 02-19-2004 08:24 PM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
Ernst Udet was an interesting guy. I did some reading about him awhile back. His DVII and DVIII had LO! on the sides.( his pet name for his girlfriend, Lola Zenk, who he later married) The DVII in particlular was quite a colorful machine. Ernst actually raced in lots of air races in the states, and all over europe and south america back in the '20s and early/mid '30s, and was known personally by quite a few of the army air corps hierarchy at the time. He helped build up the WW2 luftwaffe, but seeing what Hitler and his henchmen were using it for eventually drove him to suicide, in november 1941.

Tx_RcFlyer 02-23-2004 09:14 AM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
Great Movie!

In fact I went to elementry school with scooter (Patrick Henderson) the kid with the dog who carried fuel to the plane in his wagon. that was his real life pet also.

Harry Landings 02-23-2004 11:34 AM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
Waldo Pepper was a great flick (actually, I guess it still is) but all this talk of what constitutes an "oldie" is depressing. I still think of McDonald's as a start-up.

JNorton 02-23-2004 03:14 PM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
Harry Landings,
Yup, I remeber when they first came out with the Big Mack. Sheeesh

Hircflyer 02-23-2004 03:16 PM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
I remember when there wasn't a McDonalds.....now that's a long time ago.

AJF--2 02-23-2004 03:17 PM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
I remember when the logo of the golden arches crossed in the middle[:-]

Harry Landings 02-23-2004 03:32 PM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
I had my first McDonald's hamburger on Sep. 15, 1962. I was on the way from New London, Conn. to Pittsfield, Mass. to build the firecontrol computers that we would later install in our submarine, which was under constructioin in Groton. It's odd how well I can remember that and how poorly I remember last week.

hookedonrc 02-23-2004 06:34 PM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
I remember when they used to peal the potatoes and cut the fries with a machine in the back. Boy those fries sure beat the h*ll out of those they have today. I still like them, but they used to be so much better. (Well I just dated myself with that one.)

Harry Landings 02-24-2004 11:13 AM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
When they went to all vegetable-oil for frying the fries, the flavor went downhill. I know all this healthy food will make us live longer, but will it make us WANT to live longer?

Lucky Dog 02-24-2004 06:06 PM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
I don't think it was a Jenny. I believe that I read some where that it was a Standard J-1. Those two are hard to tell apart (for me anyway).

The PIPE 02-25-2004 02:44 PM

Dear Lucky Dog:

The PIPE here again-and when one needs to tell a Jenny from a Standard, all one really NEEDS to do is check the angle of THE FORWARD LANDING GEAR STRUT as seen from the side...if it's raked back at an angle, it's a Jenny....if it looks "almost VERTICAL", then it's a Standard you've got there!

The Standard ALSO has SLIGHTLY swept BACK wing panels from above or below...the Jenny did NOT have those!

Hope this helped!

Yours Sincerely,

The PIPE! ;)

swooper 11-19-2004 02:07 PM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
Just saw The Great Waldo Pepper for the first time and loved it. The young Susan Sarandon was a treat along with lovely Margo Kidder. I liked the characters, Redford makes such a good not-so-lovable guy, as in Downhill Racer.
But, for someone who's never seen real-life DrI, Sopwith Camel, Jungmeister, and Standard, how they lurched and yawed through the air, the ground handling, and everything, it's just a wonderful film. Lots of flight scenes. A must-have for any antique biplane enthusiast.

Bruno Stachel 11-19-2004 02:28 PM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
I believe the movie has recently been released on DVD. I got a copy in VHS three years ago. I could only find on E-bay then. Margot Kidder sure was pretty in that film. And a good shot with the tomatoes!

My barber is a old stick and rudder pilot. He said that for a glimpse at real seat of your pants flying, The Great Waldo Pepper and The Blue Max are the movies to see.

randall1959 11-19-2004 02:29 PM

RE: The Great Waldo Pepper
Although it's black and white "Hells Angels" by Howard Hughes is another good one.

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