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h8w8n 06-07-2003 12:48 AM

Sepulveda Basin
BasinBum. I used to be a member of the Valley Fliers and you are right, weekends at the basin are quite a show. The trash cans are all full of crashed planes at the end of the day, the ones the scavengers don't get. I saw someone set up a model rocket there one saturday morning. This place has a 200' ceiling because it's in the flight path for Van Nuys airport. Luckily someone talked the guy out of launching it.
I fly in Camarillo now, but I still like go to the basin once in a while for the entertainment. :D

LMProd 06-07-2003 01:23 AM

RE: Sepulveda Basin
I fly at the Basin and also belong to the Condors. The basin can be interesting, I have counted up to 16 planes flying at once. I am amazed no one has been hurt.

GrnBrt 06-07-2003 01:26 AM

RE: Sepulveda Basin
Sure has been a long time since I have seen the basin. I lived and went to school in Culver city and flew U/C there (couldn't afford R/C then) from 1960-63. I use to get a ride with either Paul good who owned the hobby shop I went to or Jack Stafford who belonged to the club I was a member of, 'Smog Cutters'. Sure have some fond memories, like the time at the F/F circles i almost had my head taken off by a Ramrod F/F, a favorite back then. Saw the biggest darn Cub then, 9' WS, and yes for the time that was huge!!!!! :eek:

Fishstyx 06-07-2003 03:28 AM

RE: Sepulveda Basin
I've heard much about the "Basin". Sounds like an interesting place. What's the deal with it? What keeps it from getting shut down? Where exactly is it? I'd like to go on MapQuest and look it up on the satellite imagery.

Here in the DC metro area nothing stays the same way for very long due to development. Local clubs have a hell of a time keeping a field. We've found a bunch of informal flying sites, but it's like hopscotch, get booted, find someplace else. Hell, even if you OWN the land, one person gripes about noise and the Zoning board has the power to force you to cease and desist under their "nuisance" regulations.


h8w8n 06-07-2003 01:55 PM

RE: Sepulveda Basin
"the basin" is in Van Nuys ,Ca. It's called apollo field, it has something to do with the apollo astronauts. It's in a flood channel under sepulveda dam, that's why it can't be developed.
It's managed and cared for by the SanFernando Valley Fliers but beeing on public land and open to the public the rules are pretty much ignored by a lot of the people that fly there. It's too bad because it's really a great facility. It just takes a "special" kind of person to fly there on a weekend.

LMProd 06-09-2003 04:58 PM

RE: Sepulveda Basin
The basin is a great flying site. The wind is usually down the runway plus or minus 20 degrees.
Approach and departure and most of
the field is clear of natural obstacles. Off runway landings (dead-stick) can be done with no damage to very little damage to the plane.

The fields crowd and type of flyer's varies. Sometimes there are crazy people but most of the time there are great fliers that are helpful and do pay attention to the rules.

It's the few that's a problem, but you work around them. Watch them, stay on the ground and wait for them to land or crash.

Hopefully the field will stay around for a long time. There has been some airspace incursions, but that seems to be under control by everyone.

I have supported the local club and there efforts by staying a member and paying dues and making the events, my wife likes the open BBQ hot dogs, actually I do to.

BasinBum 06-10-2003 01:50 PM

RE: Sepulveda Basin
I always enjoy when someone from out of town visits and expresses amazment that such a great facility is so loosely run.

Where else can you see Jets flying with trainers, 8 overpowered warbirds in (what they think is) formation, 10 planes in the air at once, Crazy Eric flying inverted toward himself at 120 mph and turning sharply at the last second? How about Dirty Bob always there to answer engine questions if he's not annoyed with you, 5 old guys sitting at a table for the last 20 years, Rex getting pissed off at T-Bone, Ken flying his tin can contraptions on the fence, 10 differant languanges being spoken.....

There is never a dull moment and always people to talk RC in between flights. I learned to fly there and thought it was normal untill I started reading about other fields here on RCU. Hey fellow Basin fliers, did you know that most places don't care if you fly down the runway against the pattern? That is a corporal offense at the Basin, I once saw someone pull a knife on a guy because he was not flying in the "pattern", (yes, I called 911).

A walk out in the surrounding fields is like walking through an RC graveyard and you get a lot of foxtails stuck in your socks. I prefer the foxtails to the corn they used to grow cause not only could you lose a plane in the corn but the pilot might not make it back either. But when they grew sod it was really nice, unless you hit the irrigation pipes on a dead stick.

The best part about it is nobody is in charge, the worst thing about it is, nobody is in charge.

Ah, the Basin...I could go on and on.....


TailDraggin 06-10-2003 03:10 PM

RE: Sepulveda Basin

Originally posted by LMProd
...BBQ hot dogs....
Bein' from Texas, I find it incomprehensible that these terms are used in the same sentence. Profound oxymoron.

bearmech 06-10-2003 03:26 PM

RE: Sepulveda Basin

How did you end up in yankee land? LOL

TailDraggin 06-10-2003 03:36 PM

RE: Sepulveda Basin
Long, sad tale, bearmech. But I ain't done yet! Just cain't see my way back right yet. :(
Have a Whataburger and some Blue Bell for me, huh?

bearmech 06-10-2003 03:39 PM

RE: Sepulveda Basin
Oh yea and a lone star too!!

TailDraggin 06-10-2003 03:43 PM

RE: Sepulveda Basin
Nope, I wouldn't wish one a those on anybody. Pearl or Shiner either, although Shiner Bock ain't all that bad.

BTW, where is Rockwall?

bearmech 06-10-2003 03:48 PM

RE: Sepulveda Basin
30 mile east of dallas, DARN I'm never gonna get rid of this lone star.

TailDraggin 06-10-2003 03:52 PM

RE: Sepulveda Basin
Use it in a steam pan in your pit. Great for cookin' ribs or even a brisket.

GrnBrt 06-10-2003 03:55 PM

RE: Sepulveda Basin

Have a Whataburger and some Blue Bell for me, huh?
Heck I'm way up here and know about Blue Bell and Whataburger!!!!! Now that's a feast but keep the Lone Star!!!!

TonyF 06-10-2003 04:32 PM

RE: Sepulveda Basin
You'll never see me fly another one of my RC models at the basin. Last October or so I went down there to fly jets with some friends. On the first flight of my new turbine Sabre one of the local idiots took my pin down, put his up, and turned on. Splashed my Sabre into the golf course. He denied everything and I had to go to court. I won the case but now I'm in the wonderful worl of collection.

I've heard that this kind of thing is very common there. No real control on the field.

I'm just very thankful it didn't hit somebody. I can't imagine how complicated my life would be if that had happened.

Tall Paul 06-10-2003 04:37 PM

RE: Sepulveda Basin

Originally posted by h8w8n
"the basin" is in Van Nuys ,Ca. It's called apollo field, it has something to do with the apollo astronauts. It's in a flood channel under sepulveda dam, ....

Couple years ago it was 20 feet UNDER water!
Remember the drowned firetruck with the red flasher still going? :D

BasinBum 06-10-2003 04:55 PM

RE: Sepulveda Basin
I heard a lot about your crash, very unfortunate, sorry. Also I've read some of your posts bashing the Basin pretty good. Someone pointed you out about three weeks ago at the Basin and said how you claimed to never fly there again. Was that you?

I've been at Whittier (an AMA regulated field with lots of supervision) and saw someone pull a flag after asking for TEN minutes. Turns out it belonged to the guy practicing with his Q40 who fortunatley had just landed. My point is it can happen anywhere and doesn't happen as often as people say at the Basin as they like to make excuses for their crashes.

Let me clarify and say that from what I heard (the guy asked about the frequency before putting his flag up, which leads me to believe he pulled your flag) your crash was a legitimate shootdown and his fault.

I just think before you scare people away from jet rallys or sport flying yet continue to come out to the Basin you should weigh your emotional reaction to what happened with what really goes on.

If you ever want to reply to me in person just ask Rob J. or Matt or Jason to point me out as I am there very often.

Richard Dragin

TonyF 06-10-2003 06:55 PM

RE: Sepulveda Basin

Please read my post again. I have said repeatedly that I would never fly MY RC models there again, and I never will. I went down at the request of a friend and flew HIS model, and helped him fly it himself. He wanted to fly there, I wanted to go to Prado.

I personally feel that the Basin is an accident waiting to happen. There is too much activity around it to be safe flying high performance models there. And I have heard WAY too many horror stories about frequency control there to even begin to feel my case was a big exception.

Bottomline, you want to risk your stuff there, go right ahead. I won't risk my stuff in that manner.

LMProd 06-11-2003 12:39 AM

RE: Sepulveda Basin
You can get shot down or have a mid air very easily at the Basin. I have seen unfortunate bad crashes of some very nice aircraft. Expensive too. Also people near misses which is very scary.

I mostly fly easily replaceable ARF's. Some kits I have built don't fly at the basin. Don't want to loose them.

JohnBuckner 06-11-2003 03:23 AM

RE: Sepulveda Basin
A lot of good memories of the 'Basin' up till 1970 when it was in the middle of what is now Burbank Blvd. Sure spent a lot more time flooded out then. Hard to believe but it was quite a lonely place then.

Last few years I had been making the trek back to compete in the pylon races, what a change. It was great fun to always bring a Ukie with me and throw in a few Ukie flights behind the pits during the lunch break from the racing. It just does not get much better than that.

John :)

David Cutler 06-11-2003 03:41 AM

RE: Sepulveda Basin
The basin is a great place to fly and just hang out.

The weather is almost always great, the people are good to talk to, and are very varied in interest and outlook, and, as long as you land when the warbird flyers take off or when you hear the whistle of a jet approaching the runway, or, of course fly higher than 10 feet when Ron is going through his 3d routines, it's perfectly safe.

-David C.

BasinBum 06-11-2003 03:48 AM

RE: Sepulveda Basin
What about those guys who want to beat you up?


David Cutler 06-11-2003 03:54 AM

RE: Sepulveda Basin

What about those guys who want to beat you up?
I'm sure it's just a little boisterous fun.

I could always grovel, whimper and bribe them with a CD of Eric Clapton playing 'Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf'


amcross 06-11-2003 11:39 AM

RE: Sepulveda Basin
Ah, the basin! We sure had fun doing air shows there before we moved here! It definitely IS an exciting location, with lots going on. Not someplace I would go to practice pattern or would prefer to fly a high performance aircraft except during airshows when the field is regulated more carefully.

It is a nice site to fly as far as conditions, no doubt. and some really great people!!! just gets a little hairy now and then -- as does Whittier Narrows -- and lots of other places too! But I sure do miss all the people to talk RC with and the great commaraderie of this hobby in areas like LA!!!

I LOVE the peace and quiet here in the middle of the country (literally) but it sure is nice to go to a field on saturday morning and have 100 other modelers to talk with and share this great hobby! The high population density in CA does have some nice benefits....great place to make new friends!!!

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