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landing gear brace


Old 08-21-2012, 11:36 AM
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Default landing gear brace

As the title states, i have a question about moding a landing gear.
I guess first things first.....I have the 50" GP Edge 540t. bought it as "ARF"

I have flown my other plane ( yak54), the problem that i have is, when i land, the landing gear brakes off (2 oput of 8 times). My landings aren't the smoothest.When i touch down , my landings bounce alittle.Iknow i need practice.I'm looking for a link that i can watch to see if there is any mods to strenghen up the landing gear.I dont need the mod to be on the inside. I need the mod for the outside and underneath the landing gear. When i land the landing gear flex outwards , which causes the part of the landing gear strut(where the screws go) to pull out.

Is there a product out in the market to act like a brace, preventing the screw area from pulling out,like how the foamys have thatblock over the landing gear screws. or is there a video that i can watch to mod a brace.

This is mainly for my edge540, but can be used for both. I want to do this mod to my 540 before i fly it

Just some FYIfor you all I am not a noob to flying. I can take off, fly, do stunts, etc,etc, but i know that my landings need work

The places that Ifly are a little small,not like i have the room to come in straight and be able to slow down enough like a norm runway. I have to fly at school fields, and you know that you dont have that much room to land.Flying is no prob, get above the trees and have fun

Any links, suggestion,and or help will be greatly apprecated.
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Old 08-29-2012, 11:10 AM
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Default RE: landing gear brace

It would help to see a photo of the LG mounting area.
Just an unsolicited suggestion on landing and you
may already do this. Just before you touch down,
focus your eyes on the actual wheels of your plane.
This trick usually helps folks make landings much
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Default RE: landing gear brace

Just a suggestion, I have found a flight sim practice time of 30 min a night makes a big difference on we're ever you need help.
Lot cheaper than fixing them too. Good luck
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