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aspeed 11-29-2016 05:44 PM

Glidden Gripper primer uses
I was just snooping around on a teardrop trailer site, and noticed a guy using this primer for laminating over thin blue XPS foam. he used fiberglass screen material, and then overlaid it with really a papier machei (sp) It seems quite tough, and I was thinking of trying it on a plane with maybe some other material like .7 oz. glass or maybe tyvek. I have also heard it does quite well at laminating foam and even wood. Here in Canada it is under the Dulux name and seems to be $52 a US Gallon, I will try to get some in Detroit or wait for a sale for half price. Until then, I just wondered if anyone has tried it and what the results and limitations are. I am thinking of bonding balsa or tyvek for a wing skin, or something. It is an acrylic latex, and I would guess it is sandable and takes most paints. Not sure if it is fuelproof, but I doubt it...

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