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HORNETONE 06-29-2004 11:09 PM

Which material to use for plug
Hi everyone ........

I'm planning to build a plug for one my own designed jet ,would like to know which isthe best material to construct the plug . As I've some experience with each of the listed materials below but would rather get more opinions in order to keep the plug lasts for a long time and may be producing several molds without getting damage :

1) high density blue foam

2) Minicell high density foam ( use to make cayak and surfing board )

3) ..... Or should I just stick with regular balsa & plywood method to build up the fuse and then filled up inside with plaster to get the high level of strength
( by doing this ,will the plaster creates lots of heat and distord the shape ) .

Money and time consuming are not an issue to me as long as I could get some high quality parts .

Any inputs will be welcome and greatly apreciated ,
Sonny !

buttuh 06-30-2004 01:13 AM

RE: Which material to use for plug
I'd cut out planks using wood to get your basic hull. Fill the rest with pour foam and sand everything down smooth. Seal and primer the whole thing with high build polyester primer, sand and polish to a shine and you get your plug. Good luck.


Mike James 06-30-2004 07:26 AM

RE: Which material to use for plug
You can use anything you want, as a "core", as mentioned above. Where the strength (related to pulling parts from a mold) comes in is at the surface.

So, just be careful with your dimensioning, and make sure that you start adding the hard material when the dimensions are all "low". You don't want to build a nice plug, then screw up the dimensions by adding to much "stuff" on the outside.

Today, I like the method of building a traditional former/stringer or former/keel structure, then filling it with expandable polyerethane foam. and finally glassing over that. If you use foam, it's a good idea to mix a slurry of epoxy/microballoons or something similar, to seal the foam first, sand it a little, then glass it. (Stole this idea from Darrin Cash)

More on my site, at http://www.nextcraft.com/rcdesignandbuilding.html

Be sure and let us see your progress here. We all love watching other people build, on this forum.

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