Here is an opportunity to visit a world class air and space museum for free. If you are an AMA member we welcome you to come fly with us on August 6 at the Strategic Air and Space Museum on I80 about 25 miles west of Omaha. This museum houses nearly every aircraft that SAC flew during the cold war and many WWII bombers. It is amazing seeing aircraft in multiple hangers large enough to display planes like the B36 and B29. Flyers will be "encouraged" to go into the museum to take breaks from the heat and to use the "facilities". This is a combination fun fly and learn to fly event so about half the time we will be teaching kids from 8 to 80 how to fly control line. The flying will be on the very large RV lot near the entrance to the museum. Come join us for a day of fun. Any type of CL plane is welcome but all flying is off a paved surface so flying without landing gear is at your own risk.
Bob Furr

PS If you are a photographer make sure to bring your camera.