The FIRST weekend of October is hard upon us!!!

I repeat what I posted elsewhere!!

EVERYBODY who has access to a flyable Ringmaster needs to join us by flying on the 1st and/or 2nd of October.

Weather and miscellaneous other problems are interfering in some locals but most of us can put in some flights.

I have six electric Ringmasters that are good to go and will be flying in Burlington, IA where the weather is predicted to be PERFECT (Sunny, 65 degrees and 5 MPH winds).

This is supposed to be about promoting control line modeling and of course the lovable Ringmaster.

Don't forget to report your flights (etc) to; not later than 12:00 noon EDT Tuesday Oct. 4th!!!

Note: the original email address in this post was wrong (typo) and has now been corrected!! Please use the corrected address!!!

Sorry about that!!!