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Building the "Hole Shot"

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Default Building the "Hole Shot"

Is anyone following Bob Hunt's CL Aerobatics column in Model Aviation (AMA magazine)? In the last three columns Bob has been talking about doing a beginer building series of constrution articles using the "Hole Shot" as his subject.

I've ordered the plans for the "Hole Shot" from Aero Products and I'm building along with Bob's article. Is anyone else building the "Hole Shot"? If so what engine are you planning on using for it?

I've been flying 1/2A CL for quite a while and I'm just now getting into the larger planes. Therefore I'm not really sure on appropriate engine sizes and line lengths for these larger planes.

Any help or encouragement would be appreciated. I'd like to know I'm not the only one building this plane, ha!

Steve T.
Monson, Massachusetts
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Hi Steve... it's a bit late answer, but as of right now we're having a building contest here in Brazil, focused on the Hole Shot. Slight variations in design are allowed. We have about 30 confirmed contestants so far. Deadline is 1/1/2018. I'l keep you posted if you wish.

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