Hello ,
I have wanted a Firebaby for years to collect .I had one as a kid for 3 seconds after my dad let it go on my first flight when I was about 6 years old in the very early 1960's .It went straight up and down into the concrete parking lot ! I was pretty scared I think ,and Now mad ,I didn't get to learn U Control with it then .Of course I did later and really was good at it .Then Dad taught me to fly R/C as an early teen .Got back into flying R/C about 17 years ago when I started my family .I have bid on ebay for many of these over the years and have never been able to afford what they went for .

Does anybody have parts or incomplete kits that I can make a plane with ?
I had the plastic fuse design but would possibly consider the early version made of balsa .Plans anyone to scratch out an Early version ??
Thanks for any help or direction in my quest .