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Firebird Stratos first crash

Old 05-20-2012, 04:39 PM
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Default Firebird Stratos first crash

So today I took out my Stratos for a flight.I went to a huge open field and tried to fly it. It started to go nice and straight and suddenly it took a dive. It wasnt that high and I panicked and I couldnt save it. It went nose-first into the grass and the nose broke clean off, exposing the weight in it but luckilly it stayed attached to some foam. I already glued it back together with alot of hot glue and its sitting now and drying. I was just wondering if that was enough to fix it and will it still fly right. Thanks.
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Default RE: Firebird Stratos first crash

The question is why did it nose over? I am assuming you're a beginner? Since I am assuming this there are a couple of things that could have caused this.
1 You stalled the airplane...did you use full power on takeoff without using alot of elevator?
2. are you sure the airplanes controls were moving the correct way?
3. Did you check the CG?
The best advice I can give you is to take your airplane to the nearest field and let a pilot check it out for you and perhaps teach you to fly
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Default RE: Firebird Stratos first crash

JetMech is SHOULD NOT be flying by yourself. Find an AMA field nearest you. They have experienced pilots that are more than willing to teach you everything.

Good Luck New Guy
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