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Avistar Crash and Rebuild Thread


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Default Avistar Crash and Rebuild Thread

About a month ago I attempted to fly my avistar, the only change from previously successful flights was the change from a .46la to a .46nx. A few feet of the ground it banked 180 degrees right and went straight into the ground, no idea why. This is actually my second plane to do that, my other being an escapade. Both planes in the exact same spot on the runway. Nothing similar between the two planes, different battery, rx, tx and all. Just same pilot.
I will attempt to rebuild (refurbish) the avistar, though. I will post pictures of the wreckage later, along with turning this into the thread of the rebuild. I am open to feedback, and here are my plans:
1. Rip off all covering and remove all hinges.
2. Fix all damaged balsa and possible beef up in certain spots.
3. 1 servo per aileron (no torque rods)
4. Taildragger
5. Move rudder servo towards tail and put hatch in.

Any advice on any of these steps, anymore ideas or anything I shouldn't do let me know.
I wish to do 1 servo per aileron to allow for flapperons, plus the torque rods were extremely bent.
How do I remove the hinges from the hinge slot? Can the new hinges go in the same slot or should new spots be cut.
How much would I need to beef up the wings for servos?
Any ideas on the hatch. I want to put the servo there as tail-weight needed to be added.
Where/how would the gear be mounted i.e. in relation to cg?

Thanks, any advice on any issue would be very helpful.
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Default RE: Avistar Crash and Rebuild Thread

I almost sounds like you could be pulling your planes off the ground before they are ready to fly. They might be stalling because they dont have enough airspeed..Of course this is just a guess....Let them build up a bit more ground speed before pulling them off and see if that helps ..You need to cut new slots for your hinges . The old wood is saturated with CA and will not accept anymore so even if you could get the old hinges out gluing new hinges in that spot is not an option...There is an electric tool called the Slot Machine..It is made my Great Planes... It has cutters for cutting the hinge slots..It is a tool well worth having..Just leave the old hinges where they are .. trying to remove them will cause damage .A servo per aileron is a good idea..You will need to find a way to mount your servos in the wing..It is quite easy but make sure that you use some lite ply doublers on the ribs and something that will hold your servo screws...Not balsa...Also you will need extensions to run from the servos to the center of the wing which means of course you will need to open the covering up...Your Landing gear should be just ahead of the CG...On a low wing I put it rite on the leading edge.. On a high wing you have more room for adjustment ...I would go with maybe 1 1/2" to 2" ahead of the CG....I am guessing on this..Somebody else might have a better idea...
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Default RE: Avistar Crash and Rebuild Thread

 my seamaster 40 .the engine stand off cracked where the 46tg was mounted causing prop to go into fusealage nice hole .started making new standoff    out of 1/4 in plywood seams stronger than old one. any thoughts.
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