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sparky4lawndart 11-17-2012 02:51 PM

wing damage on a printed ARF
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have a look...

the sheeting got lifted all the way around when the landing gear mount "rolled" out of the wing.... any tips? should cut up the surrouding sheeting? try to do it "under the covers" (sneak it into place)??

N1EDM 11-18-2012 05:51 AM

RE: wing damage on a printed ARF
I'm doing a similar repair on a H9 Spitfire.

Don't be afraid to cut away the sheeting, that can be replaced. Just try to keep the cut lines very straight and parallel, but less than 3" apart. That way, you can cover it all over with a stock piece of sheeting when the repairs are finished. Now, the inner structure is open to you to get your hands in there (ask me how I know - my hands have been referred to as catchers mitts).

In the case of broken formers, glue back what you can, keeping it straight and true. If need be, cut out and 'sister' in some ribs or riblets to reinforce. I also replaced the landing gear rails with maple, for strength. Pilot holes will be a necessity when the gear goes back on.

My sheeting was metric, I think 3mm which makes it about .075 thick. That's too thick for 1/16" and not thick enough for 3/32" sheeting without a lot of sanding. So, I plan on laying down some strips of 1/64" ply on the bracing where my sheeting will lay.

Just my $.02


sparky4lawndart 11-18-2012 06:30 PM

RE: wing damage on a printed ARF
I took your advice.. I pulled up the sheet a bit and cut down the rib centerline and inch away from the gear area... The landing gear mount actually "rolled" out of it's stirrup on both sides so I cleaned some edges... mixed up some more 30 minute epoxy and small bits of fiberglass material...

It looks pretty good all back together...

I don't thnk I'd have the patience to build a model from sticks... something big enough I could glass the wing sheeting and paint instead of monokote... maybe one of those "ready to cover" kits i see sometimes in the magazines...

thanks for the input, N1edm

N1EDM 11-18-2012 06:47 PM

RE: wing damage on a printed ARF
Glad that it helped...


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