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west6008 07-11-2010 09:58 AM

cant play back renamed photos
When I bring up my photos from my HP 437 in Windows Media Player, I sometimes rename them,
but when I put the SD card back in the camera, these same pictures are not offered on the camera for viewing.
I tried moving them to the DCIM file and WMP allowed that, but still wont play in the camera ???
Would appreciate any suggestions

rckitbuilder 07-11-2010 10:18 AM

RE: cant play back renamed photos
This may seem too simple, but are you renaming the file suffix to? Such as img2929.jpg ? I'm not sure why you need to rename the files but if you want to save them to the computer don't delete them from the SD card and leave the name alone for those files. Then the files on your computer you can name as you wish. I just don't think your camera will recognize the files otherwise.


Lnewqban 07-11-2010 11:06 AM

RE: cant play back renamed photos
I don't know the reason, but that has happened to me.

Since I learned that, I make copies of my pics in the computer, rename them, whatever, but never change pic's names or folder's names in the camera card.
It simply does not work after manipulation.

If you need to replay pics in the camera, just move the whole folders to your PC to clear the camera card, keep them intact, and then, when you need it, copy the folder you need back to the camera card for camera view.

Don't clean up the index that the camera keeps in the card for the name of the folders, so they can be recognized later.

west6008 07-11-2010 11:46 AM

RE: cant play back renamed photos
Thanks for that, my biggest issue is with video clips, I cant always tell what they are
by the thumbnail shot.
Maybe I should save them to Desktop and then give them a name, but some of them
are 10 minutes long and wouldnt that take up a lot of HD space?

Lnewqban 07-11-2010 01:15 PM

RE: cant play back renamed photos
You are welcome.

The videos I keep in my PC don't take a lot of space.
You can always check how big they are by right-click / properties.
If a group of videos becomes too big, taking too much HD space of your PC, you could move them to a CD or DVD.

There are many web places where you can store and share high volumes of videos and pictures in one free private account.
I use this one:

As for avoiding renaming the original video file, you can create a folder per video in your PC, which you can name at will.
Thus, an original video file can be copied to the camera card and be replayed there.

Don't know much about these things.
These are tips that I have been using at work for long time, since we keep high volumes of pics and videos in record.
For permanent storage we use a dedicated server, but I abuse my machine keeping many files handy while a project lasts, having no performance problems so far.


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