While I have some experience in video editing, I just started filming with my Tricopter and GoPro Hero HD.
I ofcourse want to deshake my fottage and am successfully doing so in VirtualDub.
Still, I have some questions:

1. What settings in Deshaker do you guys use? The default ones seem to be really good at removing small vibrations but I would like to know if Ishould be trying something different?I still get tossed around in the air, making the viewer a bit seasick. Can Iget rid of my unintentional rolling and wagging?

2. What codec are you guys exporting with, from VirtualDub?Ihave tried DivX and ffdshow x264, and even that lossless thing that generates 2GB for 20 seconds of video..ha. Iget the feeling that there is some better way. I'm using Cyberlink Director for editing.

Magnus von Rosen, Sweden