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Q? Graupner "ULTRA DUO PLUS 30" charger

Old 05-24-2004, 05:16 AM
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Default Q? Graupner "ULTRA DUO PLUS 30" charger

I'm considering purchasing one of these, does anyone else use one?

I have a 3S3P 6000mAh Li-Po pack which I have been charging with my Triton charger, but it will only put 2.5 amps into the pack and so takes around 2.5 hours to charge (nice and safe).

The Graupner ULTRA DUO PLUS 30 will deliver 5 amps in "Li" mode, but I'm a little confused about some of it's settings. If has two different modes for Lithium Ion and Lithium Manganese. Now, I would have just picked the Li-Ion setting and gone from there (as that is what I do with my Triton) but I'm getting some conflicting information which suggests that the Li-Mn setting is the correct one to use. I've never seen Li-Mn packs in any size useable for model flight and I always thought they were the low-current cells used on circuit boards and such, which confuses the heck out of me because this charger will deliver 5 amps into such a cell.

I can believe that Li-Mn and Li-Ion use a similar method of charging (constant voltage/constant current) but what is the real difference? Why does this charger have two different modes? Could it just down to the cell voltage, as I think I remember seeing somewhere that Li-Mn cells are generally 2.7 or 3 volts ?


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Default RE: Q? Graupner "ULTRA DUO PLUS 30" charger

hi Phil

I have one of these wonderful chargers. I havent used the Li-Mn setings yet as i do not have a Li-poly battery. The Li-Mn essentially would be equivalent to a Li-Poly battery as concerns its charge characteristics. The Li-Ion setting flats out at 4.1 volts while the Li-Mn flats out at 4.2Volts. This means you would use Li-ion setting for 3.6V Li-Ion cells and the Li-Mn setting for 3.7 volt Li-poly cells.

A great charger well made and reliable

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