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Sport Settings for BLADE SR with a DX6i


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Default Sport Settings for BLADE SR with a DX6i

I am fairly new to CP helis, and recently bought a Blade SR.

I consider myself a sport flier now, I can loop and roll my Twister CP Gold and fly reasonable circuits, figure 8s and rotor turns..

But I am FAR from a 3D pilot..

The Blade SR with the stock radio is beautifully easy to fly and stable, but far too docile compared to the Twister, so I decided to bind it to my DX6i and play with the settings.

These settings are my own personal preference and are based on a number of desired outcomes..

1.. Hover in both Normal and Stunt mode with the Collective slightly above centre stick (It feels comfortable to me)

2..I select Stunt mode on the ground before take off, so I wanted a smooth transition from normal to Stunt mode and vice versa

3. I wanted enough negative pitch to easily sustain inverted flying and also climb easily wihen inverted

3.. I was extremely careful that there was no binding at max and min pitch settings with any combination of control input.

4.. I was careful of not overloading the motor with too much pitch and not enough throttle settings..

This is the first time I have experimented with CCP settings and can only say they work great for me and I love the way the SRflies with them.. It loops, rolls and flips very easily (That is the limit of my ability for now)

I searched the Forums for a starting point and found them here


I used the settings and modified them as follows.

FIRSTLY I removed all the collective pitch linkages and wound each ofthem out 3 full turns (3 x 360 turnsfor each one)

This lengthened each linkage allowing me to achieve more negative pitch

DX6I settings

D/R Expo:
Aile 1 - 80% + INH expo Aile 0 - 100% + INH expo
Elev 1 - 80% + INH expo Elev 0 - 100% +INH expo
Rudd 1 - 80% + INH expo Rudd 0 - 90% + INH expo

I don't like expo and I limited rudder to 90% purely to spare the tail rotor motor somewhat during pirouettes

I never use Dual Rate..they are all always at Pos 0

Travel Adj - all set to 100%

Sub Trim - All set to 0

Throttle Curve:
Norm Pos -
L - 0%
2 - 40%
3 - 60%
4 - 80% H - 100%

Stunt Pos -
L - 95%
2 - 87.5%
3 - 80%
4 - 90%
H - 100%

Pitch Curve:
Norm -
L - 20%
2 - 35%
3 - 50%
4 - 65%
H - 80%

Stunt -
L - 0% (Negative 7 degrees pitch)
2 - 25%
3 - 50% (about 1 degree positive pitch)
4 - 72.5%
H - 95% (this keeps maximum pitch at 10 degrees)

Swash Mix :
Aile +70%
Elev +70%
Pitch -35%

Under the Setup List:

1) In the reverse menu Reverse the Rudd and Pitch settings
2) Under Swash Type - Select CCPM 120

These work great for me...
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mr. srheli526
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Man thanx for those settings i was have alot trouble with my hovering but sence i pulled up your settings tht u posted i've used them and set them in dx6i n my sr flys great thanx again man...
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