hi to everyone. i have a blade 300x and have flown it 5 times ans all five times i just hovered it a few ft up. very mellow and no crashes. so on my 6th flight i turned the conroller on and plugged in the battery and my tail servo wouldnt respond to input. it appeared to be stuck at a end point. so i unplugged the battery and pkugged it back in. this time the tail servo found center and would respond to input. so i spooled it up and began a hover. right off thebat it had a pretty bad vibration. out of the blue i just lost control and crashed. when i came up to it i noticed the the tail servo was stuck over to the endpoint of its travel. is it possible that my tail servo is already bad or could itbe something in the beast x? im new to helicopters and would appreciate any advice

thanks alot, glen