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reemas 08-29-2012 10:20 AM

Blade MSR X battery and charger help
I'm planning on getting a Blade MSR X and a dx6i transmitter. I realized the heli doesn't come with any batteries or a charger.

I was wondering what batteries and charger to get. I saw this:

but read some reviews that said this device will not stop charging, and overcharge batteries.

Could someone kindly point me to a good but inexpensive charger and batteries for the Blade MSR X?

carnate617 08-30-2012 09:50 AM

RE: Blade MSR X battery and charger help
I've had no issues with the charger. great combo. Matter of fact, what you have on order is what I have.

madmorgan 08-30-2012 08:11 PM

RE: Blade MSR X battery and charger help
what date were the bad reviews posted of the said charger? most likely if its been a year or 2 they probably got it fixed. but then again you have to take into account that some people will trash companies for one reason or another. something else you have to consider is  not everything you read  on these forums is accurate for all one knows is  what they are reading is true (or we hope) , yet the complainers may have ruined the batts by running past the 3 volt mark and then trying to start bad product complaints to make people like you stray away. im not saying eflight is perfect its all man made and robot assisted  so things can go wrong at any given time. eflight is decent to deal with most times so why not get a charger and batts made for that heli your buying. i have trashed on traxxas myself for the spartan i bought  but its well known fact the boat was junk at the beggining of the assembly line  my problem with them is they booted me off their forums for telling  all the problem i had (for bashing and boohooing !) yet i sent emails called and left messages with them and never once recieved a reply from them. so traxxas will never see my $$ ever again!

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