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lp2pe 01-15-2013 11:53 AM

Blade Scout CX won't fly straight
Looking for some help with my Blade Scout CX. A few days ago I broke one of the balls off the swashplate trying to remove the dog-bone links. I had set out to reset the dogbones to the longer throw balljoints on the swashplate so I wasn't too bothered, and it all went back together fine on the longer balls.

However, ever since when I put forward cyclic in the heli crabs sideways rather than forwards, I would say about 45degs of sideslip (before it flew perfectly straight). It hovers perfectly, so don't think there's anything out of alignment with the swashplate. Flybar's nice and free and blades track well. If I put full fwd cyclic in from a hover, viewed from behind it noticeably drops the right skid and heads off sideways, usually into the wall... Bizarrely, backward cyclic seems to send it reasonably straight

So I'm out of ideas, everything looks as it should but SOMETHING's not right. Any suggestions?

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