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delabu 02-17-2013 10:01 PM

MSR Wont fly forward
Hi all,

I'm a bit new to helicopter flying and need a bit of help on an MSR. I can hover it fine - hovers around the house, no problem. My problem is during transition to forward flight. No matter how gently or harsh I try it to get to fly forward, it will pick up speed and then pitch backwards by itself. Giving more down elevator beforehand, only makes the backwards pitch more sever when it happens. I can keep it in the air for a bit when it comes back hard, but then it will roll to one side and trying to correc that will make it pitch forward again. This just gets worse and worse until it's tilted so far out of the horisontal that it ends up in a prang. It's like a huge big exaggerated toilet bowl effect, though it hardly suffers from TBE in the hover.

I'm not trying to break speed records - I'm talking trying to achieve walking speed forward flight. Not zooming around the garder like I have seen videos of people doing with this little helicopter!

I have tried both the short and long linkages and both the modes on the radio. They only make hovering more or less skittish. I can safely hover it in all modes and linkage settings.

Is it really me being a noob? I have really tried to gather speed really gently - to no avail. I have tried slamming the elevator forward (it just gathers speed more quickly, resulting in a faster and harder pitch back). In fact, I managed more forward speed with my old coax helicopter than with the MSR, which I'm sure should not be the case.

If it were a PID control system, I'd conclude that the P setting was way too high. Should I try rebuilding the head even though it hovers fine? Everything in the head checks out visually, but maybe I'm missing something?<br type="_moz" />

Vertical3-D 03-09-2013 11:57 AM

RE: MSR Wont fly forward
are you flying it with the RTFradio that comes with it? Ijust bought a used one today but Ihave it hooked to my dx6i, Ihave read of others having that issue and mine did as well on the short links, Ithink with the flybar the way it is, to improve stability and make it hover easier this is the result, its trying to bridge the gap between co-ax machines and a full blown r/c heli, Iswitched to long links and haven't had as many issues in fact it's rather fast now and rips around like a little hot rod but Istill get the pitch back and stuck in a hover in some slight breezes outside...haven't messed with the programing t ofix the issue yet, Ibought it for my fiance to move up from a scout cx...let us know if it's the RTFor the BNFversion and we'll go from there, surely someone here can help more than me with all the people that own them

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