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nitroplanes 1450mm P51

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Default nitroplanes 1450mm P51

Well i got my plane a few weeks ago. Yea! It was an ARF model. Some of the servo wire were a little short. I took it out to the airfield and thought I would taxi for a bit, just to get my nerves up. When I put the batt in, everything worked but the motor. After some testing, I found the ESC was bad. I had to go back home to steal an Eagle 60 ESC from another plane. Well I started a low speed creeping taxi. Down the street then while turning to come back, i rolled over a center line reflector in the road. The landing gear popped out of the wing and the plane bellied the ground. Three blades of the prop broke. So the decision to go with two or four bladed prop was made for me. After re-alighning the landing gear and gluing them back in place, I put an Airscrew prop on it and took off with half flaps. The plane wants to fly quickly and gets in the air fast. Mine kept tipping the left wing even with full trim on the alerons and some on the rudder. I think a weight issue. Be warned, Its not a speedster in the sky. Landings require attention. Hint, keep some power going. The Plane will settle and float down. The down side is that is can porpus on you and once on the ground, you have very little steering until the tail slow down quite a bit. make sure the runway is clear ahead of you and stay on center line.

On my last flight, my rollout was too fast and too long in a small parking lot. Now I am in need of one main landing gear. Left side. Anyone know where I get one?

Thanks and happy landings

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Default RE: nitroplanes 1450mm P51

I recieved the the super senior yellow and red version and keep in mind Ive bought alot from them. Put all new stuff in it new 61 magnum,Futaba servos ect.Second pass with the plane the wings folded.I was at half throttle.The guys at the field here in nevada took pics and you can see it was manufacture error.Spar they give you to put into each side of wing was snapped.There glue joints at wing ends were sloppy. Sent pics to nitroplanes and also called and there responce was cant do a think for ya.Plane didnt come with windows or wooden dowls to make control rods for elevator or rudder.Got them at home depot.Cant believe they treated me that way. Wasnt asking for all the money I lost just another plane and I would beef up the wing.Sorry once it leaves the ground its yours they said.What kinda customer service is that.Wow everyone at bennett field was shocked they said that and trust me boy did they lose future business. Dont they relize that the word gets out that they have crappy customer service.Thanks for listening,Firemanmike
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Default RE: nitroplanes 1450mm P51

Not happy to hear this about th P-51 I just bought one and just recieved the batteries for it. Was planning on assembling it tomorrow. Any suggestions on mods to do before I try to do the madan flieght would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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