I offered to repair an E-Flite Edge 540 for a fellow at the club. The repair is finished & I need to patch the covering. It is a see thru shrink plastic type covering. It appears much thinner than Monokote, and I will probably repair the covering with Monokote because thats what i have on hand. My question is this, I'm guessing there will be a difference in the heat needed to shrink the two materials, so i have been thinking of useing Monokote trim solvent on the edges where it comes in contact with the original covering & use a heat iron to attach the Monokote to the balsa edges where its bare. Any one repaired one of these E-Flight covered models or have any suggestions? The structural repair is not visible & i'm trying not to botch up the covering part of the job. Thanks....Gene[]

UPDATE: I used the iron & the Monokote adheared to the original covering very well!