I have recently purchased a Phoenix ICE 80 HV vers 2 from F3A Unlimited
for use with an E-flight Power 90 on an 8s setup.

I set up 80 HV as per instructions with no programming (Futaba Tx)
Everything worked fine.
I then connected the C-link and set throttle end points and a 24v cut off.
(When disconnecting the motor the white lead came off the connector.
I resoldered the connector).
When I try to power up and arm the esc. I got a 4 beep error.
Followed by a continuous beep.
I reconnected the C-link and set to default factory settings.
Still getting the 4 beep error followed by a continuous beep.
So the only variable I can see here is the motor connector I resoldered.
Perhaps I didn't do a very good job on the soldering and the cable did not seat completely
into the connector?
Could this be the problem resulting in a 4 beep error?
BTW What does the continuous beep mean? Nothing in the manual.

I have contacted CC but any thoughts or tips would be most appreciated.