I finally got my Extreme Flight 48" YAK together, it appears to be a GREAT flying plane and probably the BEST electric I've ever built so far. However, I've had the canopy blow off every time I've flown it. I've even added another set of magnets to the canopy frame and it STILL blows off during extreme maneuvers. I called Extreme Flight and they said I could cut some of the covering out, I'm assuming in the rear/bottom of the plane. There's NOTHING in the manual that even indicates removing covering in order to lessen the pressure inside the canopy. I can't really seem to find a good place to remove the covering in the bottom rear of the plane due to the way the covering is attached.

So, if any of you have had this aircraft did you have to cut holes in the covering to reduce the pressure inside the canopy, and if so how did you do it. I'm actually thinking of drilling a couple of small holes in the rear top and sides of the canopy to relieve the pressure since I can't seem to find a good place to cut out the covering.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.