Hay Guys,

I just bought this kit from my lhs and the store owner didn't sell as a rft, rather a arf kit instead. No tx, rx, battery, esc, servos, or motor. So I have a ElectriFly Ammo 20-40-3500kV Brushless In-Runner Electric Motor, with a Electrifly SS 25 esc, I tried the mount included with the kit, and it mounts well, I wonder if it is a good idea to use the gear reducer included? I am also concerned on battery size, as I was going to use a 1800mAh 3c 20a Lipo, but i dont know were i would place it in order to have correct cg? Its a nice kit... I just want it set up right.

I would also like to know what has worked with the out runner motors as well and battery combos.


here is the link to see it