I just got a used Frenzy and will be setting it up for electric. Can anyone tell me if a JR DS821 servo (88 oz/in.) is reasonable as a rudder servo? I plan to use these servos for the two elevator halves, and I have a couple more 821's. I have 2 much beefier servos for the ailerons.

Also, how the hell do you get a couple of decent batteries into the compartment (and why didn't they make the plane so that the canopy comes off!) I was planning to put two 5S 3000mah packs in; I can probably do it, but they will be VERY tight. I suppose a 9S setup would be doable too.

I bought a 1900W 230kv Turnigy motor and thought to use it with a 100A Sentilon ESC, but the motor itself weighs in at 31 ounces, as opposed to about 18-19 ounces for a Power 110, so I'm wondering if this setup it reasonable.

Anyone else's experience with an electric Frenzy setup would be much appreciated. Thanks!...Chris