I'm building the new Pulse XT-60 and going with the electric version. Run into a couple of problems I need input on:
  1. Prop: Being electric, I'm using the APC 15x10E...the e-flite power 60 calls for 14X8 or 16X10...I'm going with the 15X10 to give more room for grass that ok?
  2. Spinner Cup: Instructions say the prop should not touch the spinner cone. The cone screws into the spinner backplate and it just touches the prop. Do I need to dremmel the cone a bit or is it ok if it touches.
  3. The elevator control surface on the back appears to be warped a bit..By that I mean one side is level and the other side is down about 1/8 inch?
  4. I've never used the collette style prop adapter before...I've got it on correctly and tightened down but am somewhat leary that will hold it on...just looking for affirmation.