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Handiman 02-15-2012 08:40 AM

E-Flight SU-26m

I have just got a E-Flight SU-26m 480 ARF.
So I will start building this weekend. It appears it will be cold and raining some so it should be a perfect weekend for the build.
It seems the week is nice for flying and it rains on the weekends this time of year. Bummer.
Anyways, so I have a Power 15 for this plane, it recommends a Park 480, from the specs the wattage of the 15 is double the 480.
That is good right?

The weight of the 15 is 2.3oz heavier, just short of double the weight of the 480.
How bad is this?

The 15 is good with 3 or 4 cells. I have some 2200mah 3 cell and I also have 1800mah 2 cell batteries. So I am thinking I will use 2 of the 2 cells in series.
I believe the voltage advantage will be good over the 3 cell 2200 setup.
What are the thoughts?

I have the batteries so I could do either setup.
I bought the plane new but the box is damaged and I believe it is discontinued so it was $50 off the price.
So I thought I would give it a shot. What is the worse that could happen????
I look forward to hearing all the ideas.
Thanks in advance guys.</p>

Handiman 03-09-2012 11:24 PM

RE: E-Flight SU-26m
Well the plane is built and now I am working on the CG balance.
I have a question about adding weight to get the CGcorrect.
Is it better to add as little weight as possible but it would need to be in the back of the tail, or to add a little more weight but place it more forward in the middle to rear middle of the plane?
It seems adding as little weight as possible would be best but it seems it would act as a see-saw.
I am wondering if anyone has had issues with this or if it matters.
Thanks again in advance for anyone that invest time in replying to my question.

netdudeuk 03-18-2012 01:48 PM

RE: E-Flight SU-26m
As little as possible is better. If you need to add weights you can still them under the horizontal stab right up to the hinge line.

Better to move the battery forward if possible.

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