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suzonka 01-07-2013 08:50 AM

540 Edge landing help needed
say I have the model by 3D hobby's , its the 41 " version its my first real wood and balsa 3d plane, I have the foam Typhoon how ever its nothing like this baby.
I watched a flying video and its very impressive showing the hands on sticks.
at first I set it up to specs on the throws, and test flew it and stalled it on landing and had to replace the nose cowl. so I looked up other same size 540 edge models and noticed the throws and specs are 1/2 of the recommended settings on the model I have . I'm definitely not a 3D pilot .just sport and pattern. and that's all I'm looking for in this model. OK so in a video on the same model I have ,Well the pilot comes in for a landing and says do not move your ailerons just use rudder and flare with your elevator with power slightly on ,well I Noticed in another video the pilot did use his ailerons on landing , so my question is should I or shouldn't I use the ailerons on landing, because on all my sport and pattern planes I always had to correct almost all my landings with some slight aileron input?


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