Hi Gang

After being out of RC planes about 20 years I just got back into it. Things have changed so much. At any rate I wanted some scale models. I didn't have many before. I decided to start with electric. I started with a telemaster just to get back into the air and while building, I found PATS CUSTOM MODEL site.

Airplanes this size didn't have the detail and magnificent fit in the kits that his does, back when I was flying before, I was overwhelmed by the qualityin these kits. The outstanding construction and the way the parts fit is just amazing. I have ordered the 60" Curtiss Jenny and the Stinson SR-10 in the last week. I was talking about the possibility of getting the J-3 Cub earlier today and my wife said it was time to put her foot down, it would be her or the models. I have to say, Iam sure going to miss her cooking.

At any rate, Pats Custom Models can possiblymake you single. (Maybe that's not such a bad thing after all) LOL