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need help wit pusher motor thrust set up

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Default need help wit pusher motor thrust set up

I want to make a plane mid wing type and install 2 pusher motors electric on the trailing edge of the wing as close to the fuselage as possible , now I know they mount puller type leading edge wing type set ups with the right motor having left thrust and the left motor having right thrust , so if one motor dies the plane will have a chance to track more straight, but how would you do this with a pusher twin set up at tail from the back looking forward the right motor facing out like right thrust ? [img][/img]
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Default RE: need help wit pusher motor thrust set up

You're worrying unnecessarily. With twins, sidethrust, whether the motors are tractor or pusher is going to provide little or no help in a single engine out situation. Correct application of rudder into the good engine is the correct method of correcting unwanted yaw. Better still, shut down the remaining motor and land dead stick.
Mount your motors with no side thrust (they may need a bit of up thrust -thrust vectored down- to correct any nose up tendency at full power) and with the reliability of an electric setup you'll have no problems. Be prepared though to retrim slightly in the roll axis to counteract for motor/prop torque. You could go for motors with opposing rotation, but personally I wouldn't bother.
One thing I've found with pushers is that a lot of prop noise is generated if the prop tips are running very close to to the plane's trailing edge - keep this distance as large as is practical to keep the noise down.

Hope this helps.
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