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The most powerful RC motor available?


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Default The most powerful RC motor available?

Hello all, newbie here! I have been reading around the forum here for the last several days and something occurred to me. I had always been fascinated by RC in general, but it's been years since I've seriously looked at what's available, and holy mackerel have things changed! There is just so much to choose from, I fear for my bank account! I have intentionally avoided looking at RC stuff for a while because I really don't have the time or the money at the moment, but i had to read through the forums because I've run into a problem in another project outside of the RC realm, and I believe that a large RC motor may be the solution.

I have been building a gas turbine engine of my own design for the last year and a half or so, and I am happy to say that it has exceeded all of my expectations, producing about 50 shaft horsepower, when i only designed it for half of that. The trouble is, i have been working on shoehorning it into a vehicle, and the air starting system I have always used simply isn't going to fit. I had been kicking around the idea of using an electric starter directly coupled to the turbine shaft to spool it up to ignition speed, and the first thing that popped into my head when i was trying to figure out how to source a high-speed, high-power electric motor was an RC plane motor. The ballpark number-crunching says I will need about 750 watts of electric power to spool up the main turbine shaft to ignition speed, and the higher the RPM the better. I should also say that this motor will only have to run for 20 seconds or so at a time, so duty cycle really isn't a concern.

So does anyone here have any suggestions? I'm looking for something soda can size or smaller, and if i have to use 2 motors geared together I will. I would appreciate any insight, as I've tried to look around myself, and information overload would be a good way of putting it.
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Brushless motors of 750 Watts power can readily go up to really high speeds but you don't say what the turbine 'ignition' speed is. Knowing the required speed will allow an appropriate motor/battery voltage combination to be selected..
I assume you will have some mechanism to uncouple the motor once the turbine self sustains.
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