I have recently purchased a MEGATECH MEGASTEALTH II RTF (3ch) STEALTH BOMBER and I am new to the hobby. I had purchased a Firebird Commander weeks earlier, and immediately crashed this R/C aircraft. I realize that it is no small area flyer. I simply run out of area very quickly at the local school football/soccer field. This is with the Firebird Commander. I am afraid to fly the Megatech, as this is a bigger aircraft and looks much harder to fly. I was wondering if anybody out there has any experience with this R/C aircraft and what recommendations on how to go about flying this R/C aircraft. The Megatech that is. (*flying wing).. After flying/crashing the Firebird Commander three or four times, I am starting to get successful flights with some measured success. I have little money spent into either(thankfully) of these R/C aircraft, as I purchased both on eBay at considerably less than I would have at a hobby shop. Just hoping for some pointers in how to go about flying the MEGATECH MEGASTEALTH II RTF (3ch) STEALTH BOMBER. Thanks and take care.