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Woah! phishing email sent through RCU?

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Default Woah! phishing email sent through RCU?

Sender is nidal_hussein@yahoo.com

Just got this!


Dear friend

Thank you for your prompt response and my Intention is to invest into establishment of aircraft components manufacturing company for commercial purpose in your country using you as a front based on your vast experience and I hope to achieve these through seeking your cooperation to complete this project in four phases.

Phase 1:
Visibility study and registration of the company.

Phase 2:
Purchasing of 100 acres of land in your nominated areas.

Phase 3:
Tender of total estimated cost of the project by your nominated building contractor to build the company as stipulated in the architecture's drawing that will be presented by your nominated architect.

Phase 4:
Tender of total estimated cost of the first five commercial aircraft components that will be manufacture by our proposed company in your country.


You shall be entitled to 12% of the total estimated cost of the project as your commission and for your cooperation and your job for now until the project is completed is to be the managing director of the proposed company and to manage the project after completion for five years before handing over to me.

You will also ensure that you use your position to get all the required documentation for the success of these project and to disburse fund to various department necessary during the course of the project after the fund has been release to you and there will be an international business agreement to be sign by both parties on the day of releasing of (fund) for the execution of the project.

Therefore, if you are have the capability to handle this project perfectly and effectively please reply immediately by sending me your letter of acceptance and indicate your personal data and your curriculum vitae or biography for consideration on this matter as this is the only I can be able to ascertain if you have the capability to handle this big project effectively.

Looking forward to hearing from you urgently.

Yours sincerely,
Nidal Hussein

N.B. If you have another investment ideas that is better than the one

stated above please be kind to inform me or send me a blueprint as I am

open to other investment ideology.

Has anyone else got one of these?

Looking to stir up a conversation here...

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Default RE: Woah! phishing email sent through RCU?

I have... just deleted it without thinking about it too much because I'm soooo used to getting spam.
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