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RockEnRoller6 07-09-2009 07:26 PM

E-flite Apprentice set-up
Hello everyone! Well I took my apprentice out for the first maiden tonight! what a blast even though my knees were shaking like crazy!!! Very stable and a very predictable bird once airborne! Anywho, I have ditched the included DX5e TX included in the RTF package for my brand new DX6i. I was curious to see if anyone has set their own control throws/ servo rates via the options included with the DX6i. I noticed with the factory settings on the DX6i servo travel at 100% and trim centered, she was a little bit to responsive on the sticks as in very quick to roll, pitch and raw. So I was wanting to tone her down a bit and make things a bit more easy and less hair raising! I'm new to the computer radio's so I was wondering if anyone has had luck setting her up with the DX6i, Thanks!

-pkh- 07-10-2009 08:41 PM

RE: E-flite Apprentice set-up
Re-bind it to your DX5e and measure the control throws on high and low rates, or look in the manual and see what the recommended high and low rate throws are. Then set your high and low rates on the DX6i to give you the recommended throws. Whenever I switch radios on a plane, I always measure my high and low rate throws with the old radio, write them down, and try to note where the neutral trim is on each control surface (like " +2 mm from center"). Then when I set it up on the new radio, I dial in the same throws and trims. That way you will have very little trimming to do at the field when you first fly it with the new radio, and it will feel very much the same as it did with the old radio.

You can also dial in some exponential to help tame it down a little. Expo will give you tame throws near the center of the stick, but give you higher throws out at the extremes.

RockEnRoller6 07-12-2009 07:25 PM

RE: E-flite Apprentice set-up
Good stuff, thanks for your help!

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