At last the Maiden of the UMX ASK-21 Bungee Launch and what a hoot it was. The ASK-21 went up with ease and surprisingly got good hight from the supplied bungee cord. It should be real easy to pick up a thermal if any are around from the height gained. The flight day i had was not the best weather wise, but the only opportunity we had, so i grabbed it. Now Corinne tried her best to capture the launches but i can tell you this is a "Little" white object going up into white clouds and was not easy for Corinne or the camera, but there is enough to show this baby off, so please no comments on quality, we do our best with the little knowledge and equipment we have for this job. Now this being an Ultra Micro glider the wind did push it around a bit and i had a little trouble landing with the turbulence coming from the school buildings, i think a little ballast might of helped in the wind i had. But all up this is a keeper and from the launches i had i was quiet happy with the results. Next up will be either the aero tow or from the slope, looking forward to both thats for sure, anyway sit back and enjoy the first flights of the new E-flite UMX ASK-21 Glider

cheers chuck