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Rubber band power conversion using servo motor

Old 07-02-2012, 10:43 PM
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Default Rubber band power conversion using servo motor

I have a couple of medium sized servos (17G turnigy S3101S's... like a $4 servo) that stopped working, so I disassembled them and I think the motors are still good (I think the problem was a stripped gear in the servo). The motors from the servos look like little DC brushed (coreless?) motors.

I also have a rubber band powered (balsa and paper) plane, with about a 24" wingspan, that flies pretty good.

I also have some small single LiPo cells - about 100 mAh sized.

So, I was thinking about replacing the rubber band power system on the plane with the lipo, motor, and a small switch. I won't be able to control it, but I figure I can't when it's rubber band powered anyway, and I can tune in a bit of trim to keep it circling until the power runs out... If it works out then I would get more serious about trying to control it, but for now I'm just wondering if it's feasible to use the servo motors for something.

Has anyone in here ever tried to use the motor out of a servo as a powerplant for a small plane?

If yes, how fast do they spin? I still have the casings for the servos and some of the gears, so I can probably dremel and glue together some kind of gearing system if necessary.

I'd appreciate thoughts from anyone with experience using small servo motors for other purposes...
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Default RE: Rubber band power conversion using servo motor

should work fine. keep weight down. even use tailrotor mtr.100-150 mah lipo and 3 channel berg or spek ultralite is are good. 4x4 prop. good luck. mike
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