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Randy Smith 04-02-2011 02:12 PM

Electric Formula One: List of Recommended and Approved Components
There has been a lot of interest in the new Electric Formula One pylon racing event. Many old veterans to pylon racing as well as new guys that have never raced before want to give the event a try. We have seen the recurring inquiry on many internet forums that asks "what kits are available and what are the key components that are approved or recommended for the event?" To this end, I have compiled a list of the approved and recommended key components that make up an electric Formula One model. As time goes on and more kits and components are approved or proven to be successful, I will try to keep the list up to date.

Randy Smith

NMPRA Electric Formula One - List of Approved and Recommended Components

Approved Motors
Event rules state: All motors shall be approved for use by the EF1 Committee prior to their being entered in competition.
As of Feb-2011 the following motors are approved

E-Flite Power 25 1250kV outrunner motor Product number: EFLM4025B

Turnigy AerodriveXp 25 SK Series 35-42 1250Kv. Product number: SK3542-1250

Arrowind 2820-07, 1300 Kv motor. Product number: BH-1834

Approved Propeller
Event rules state: Propeller shall be the APC 8 x 8 Thin Electric Propeller, part number LP08080E

Recommended Batteries
Event rules state: Lithium Polymer (Lipo) chemistry, maximum four cells, maximum battery pack weight is 325 grams
There are numerous manufacturers and sources of distribution for batteries that meet this requirement.
Two common battery packs used to date are:
Turnigy 4S-2650mah 30-40C

Thunderpower 4S-2650mah G4 Pro Power 45C
Part #: TP2650-4SP45

Recommended Speed Controller
Event rules state: Minimum 60 amps capacity, BEC is optional

Turnigy Plush 60A Product number: TR_P60A

Castle Creations Phoenix 60A Product number: PHX-60

Castle Creations Phoenix Ice Lite 75 Product number: 010-0070-00

EFlite 60Amp Pro Switch-Mode Controller Product number: EFLA1060

Approved Kits
Event rules state: All designs, past and future inclusive, shall not be entered in competition until three (3) accurate views or photos of the model and the full-scale prototype aircraft have been submitted to the NMPRA EF1 Approval Committee and approved.

ARF kit:
LR-1A Pogo Product number: EFL4200

Hanger 9 Sundowner 36

Laser Cut Wood Kits:
Little Toni and TomCat from SuperTRC.com

Nemesis from Red Jensen

Fandango from Doug Sewell, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
www.dslaserworks.com and the contact email is doug@dslaserworks.com

Miss Lynn from Matney Models

Polecat from RBC Kits On-Line

mdwpylonracer42h 04-05-2011 05:05 PM

RE: Electric Formula One: List of Recommended and Approved Components

Thanks for this information. I have been keeping track of this class for a year now and am very interested. I used to be an NMPRA member and pretty active in 428 and 422 until the long strokes came out. After that I lost interest for a variety of reasons I will not go into on this thread.

Anyway, I noted that you listed the Hangar 9 Sundowner .32 I believe. I like the Sundowner looks better than the Pogo. Has anyone raced this with the Pogos? How competitive is it? Is it close to being competitive, or just a way for someone to learn how to get around the poles?

The reason I am asking is because I would like to purchase an ARF for the EF1 series. If the Sundowner is close and competitive, I would rather buy that one, if not, I will buy the Pogo. I noted the wing area and weight for the Sundowner is a bit more, but I will bet you could get the weight down skillfully with the right selection of gear and assembly.

Please give me your honest input.


Mike W

Was 42h

Randy Smith 04-05-2011 06:18 PM

RE: Electric Formula One: List of Recommended and Approved Components
Hi Mike,
It's good that E-F1 has sparked your interest in pylon again. This was one objective of the event when it was created. I hope you will purchase one of the kits or ARF and come on out and race. Experienced pylon racers have lots to contribute and the new guys need mentors.

Regarding the Sundowner 36, it is approved for the event and a readily available ARF kit. However, as pointed out by Danny Kane, it is larger in a number of respects than the current minimums called out in the rules. I have not flown a Sundowner but based on this and the laws of physics and aerodynamics, I'm pretty sure that it would not be as competitive as a Pogo or any of the other designs that meet the minimum airframe rules. I am not aware of any E-F1 contests held yet where a Sundowner was flown against the E-F1 designs for comparison. I would say that it is more suited as a learning platform for beginners to easily purchase and get around the poles successfully. It would likely have better takeoff and landing behaviors than the Pogo and other E-F1 designs due to its larger design features and dimensions. For this reason, again, it's likely better for beginners. This is my honest input.

I agree with you about the Pogo. I am not that fond of its looks either but it does fly very well around the poles. If you can wait, there are a number of E-F1 ARF designs coming out this summer and next summer. We are aware of some very sexy designs being kitted as ARFs. We just don't know who will be offering them or precisely when they will be on the market. We are looking forward to ARFs in the form of: Shoestring, Proud Bird, Miss Dara, Miss Outrageous, and Little Toni. Word is some of these will be out by July/August of this year. Since E-F1 will be flown at the US Nats for the first time this summer, I suspect that one or more of these ARFs will make an appears at the Nats to showcase its debut.


mdwpylonracer42h 04-06-2011 03:05 AM

RE: Electric Formula One: List of Recommended and Approved Components
Thanks Randy.

Mike W

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